The Oakridge Financial Group has been serving Alberta and Canadian based businesses for over 5 years. We help public and private medical centers, doctors, dentists, surgeons, veterinarians and other practitioners obtain the financing they need for medical, surgical, dental, lab, veterinary and office equipment (including furniture, computers and even software). We have a financing capacity that ranges from $10,000 to $20 million, think of us as your one-stop medical financing source.

Top 3 reasons for Equipment Leasing:

1. Improve Cash Flow
2. Eliminate Obsolescence Concerns
3. Tax advantages leasing offers

All companies finance their equipment purchases, leasing is just a flexible method of financing. You need to have an option available to give everyone an opportunity to purchase your equipment. By offering leasing, you will not only increase your sales by opening your doors to more customers, but it also opens the door to more sales once the lease term expires. 

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